Attorney Jessica H. Ressler Explores How to Face the World Alone Post-Divorce or Loss

Matrimonial and family law attorney Jessica H. Ressler, of Westchester Matrimonial LLC, recently gave a standing-room-only presentation at a Morgan Stanley seminar series, sponsored by The Ruby Group at Morgan Stanley, entitled “Facing the World Alone: Financial and Legal Survival After Divorce or a Loss.” The audience was comprised of people who went through a divorce or suffered a loss of a spouse and needed to find ways to protect themselves financially.

“This was my first presentation with Morgan Stanley and I agreed to speak after meeting Douglas Ruby of The Ruby Group and was impressed by him,” said Ressler. “Douglas asked me if I would participate in this seminar series, focusing on divorce and financial loss, which covers both of our backgrounds.”

Topics addressed during the seminar included retaining knowledgeable counsel in the field in the event of a divorce, as “the first and arguably the most important step that you can take is to retain knowledgeable counsel that practices in the field of matrimonial law,” said Ressler, who practices matrimonial and family law exclusively. Ressler also educated attendees on budgeting, statements of net worth and financial professionals, as well as pitfalls in settlement agreements that cause divorced spouses to return to court and spend money after a divorce is over and how to avoid returning to court once a divorce has been finalized.

“Custody and visitation is an area that will often cause parents to return to court,” said Ressler. “Unclear custody provisions can lead to impasses that the parents cannot resolve on their own. Request that your attorney ensure that your custody provisions are clear, as experienced matrimonial attorneys will know which areas can cause parents to return to court.”

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