About Westchester Matrimonial & Our Family Law Attorneys


Westchester Mat Law is exclusively devoted to Matrimonial and Family Law. With decades of experience in these fields, Westchester Mat Law’s family law attorneys have been instrumental in the litigation or settlement proceedings of thousands of matrimonial and family court issues and is uniquely qualified to handle legal matters concerning:

Westchester Mat Law understands the complexity of family court issues as well as the professionalism and sensitivity required to navigate the legal system as it pertains to matrimonial and family court proceedings. Westchester Mat Law has the experience and skills to provide you with the highest quality legal representation.

Westchester Matrimonial LLC is located at 222 Bloomingdale Road, Suite 302, White Plains NY 10605.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email, , or by phone, (914) 361-5500.

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