Divorce Advice

Preparing For Your Initial Meeting With A Divorce Attorney

Consulting a divorce lawyer is never an easy task, but you can make it less stressful by coming to your initial consultation fully prepared. Knowing what to expect and bringing the proper documentation with...

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Considerations For Divorcing Parents With Special Needs Children

Every child is different. Every family is different. Westchester Matrimonial attorneys are experienced in advocating on behalf of parents and children with special needs. No matter what your child’s and family’s needs, an experienced...

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When and How To Seek Out A Divorce Lawyer

Although a very personal journey, divorce is not something to go through alone. It is crucial to have an experienced and trusted divorce attorney by your side to help you understand your rights and...

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Mediation – Part One

Mediation in matrimonial matters has evolved with a stigma of producing agreements that are non-compliant with New York State Domestic Relations Law and in setting parties up for economic failure. Much like matrimonial arbitration,...

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Mediation – Part Two

Agreements settling matrimonial disputes through mediation have suffered scrutiny for being non-compliant with New York State Domestic Relations Law. The first part of this article, which was published in the July Newsletter, provided a...

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Spousal Maintenance

What is spousal maintenance? Spousal maintenance may be awarded when a couple divorces.  Spousal maintenance is a periodic payment from one former spouse to another intended to assist the less-monied spouse in becoming self-supporting...

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Removal of Barriers to Remarriage

Religious Divorces and Civil Divorces The Domestic Relations Law in New York mandates that, when spouses are married in a religious ceremony, the Plaintiff (the spouse commencing the action for divorce) must take, or...

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Grounds For Divorce

Until October 12, 2010, New York was the only U.S. state without some variation of no fault divorce. Since the enactment of New York’s No-Fault Divorce statute, there are now seven grounds for divorce...

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What Is Equitable Distribution?

Marital versus separate property Marital New York State Domestic Relations Law defines marital property “as all property acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage and before the execution of a separation agreement...

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