Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Pre And Postnuptual Agreements
Our attorneys will provide you with pre and postnuptual agreements giving you the protection you need.

At Westchester Matrimonial we have extensive experience helping New York couples with all of the legal details of establishing pre and postnuptial agreements. Pre and postnuptial agreements can present a number of difficulties. There are many details that all need to be accounted for when drafting a pre or postnuptial agreement. Along with the legality that pre and postnuptial agreements present, there is also a level of sensitivity in which pre and postnuptial agreements need to be approached.

Our attorneys have the skill and capability to handle any pre and postnuptial agreements. We have decades of experience in the field of pre and postnuptial agreements, which gives our clients the ability to know that they are in capable hands. At Westchester Matrimonial Law our expert attorneys understand that a pre or postnuptial agreement can produce a time where being sensitive is mandatory. Our attorneys pride themselves on providing expert legal advice and expert legal counsel, which at times means being cognizant that pre and postnuptial agreements can bring up sensitive matters that need to be addressed accordingly.

Prenuptial Agreements

A well-drafted prenuptial agreement can help you:

  • Protect Your Assets  We all believe that our marriage will last forever, and yours very well may. However, protecting your assets coming into a marriage is always a smart decision.
  • Avoid costly disputes in the event of a divorce  By having our attorneys draft you a prenuptial agreement you will be making sure that there are no unforeseen costly disputes that will jeopardize your financial future.
  • Define marital and separate property Our attorneys can make sure that there are no disputes regarding who gets what property following a divorce, by simply drafting a prenuptial agreement.
  • Protect the interests of children from a previous marriage Today, blended families from previous marriages are becoming more and more common. Our attorneys have the experience to protect the interests of your children from a previous marriage.
  • Define future alimony and maintenance payments and obligations Allows you the security of knowing exactly what you will be financially responsible for if a divorce occurs.

Postnuptial Agreements

While not as common as a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement can perform many of the same functions as a prenuptial agreement, but it is established after the marriage. Circumstances that may lead a couple to pursue a post-marital agreement include:

  • Significant change in your financial status
  • career change
  • substantial inheritance

If you are like many, you may have gotten married young, and financially you did not have much. A postnuptial agreement takes into account that for many, we do not reach our earning potential until later in life. A postnuptial agreement allows for what you have to be protected throughout your marriage.

Whatever type of agreement you are pursuing, it is important to make sure it is detailed and unambiguous. At Westchester Matrimonial we have the ability to protect you and establish a legal framework for future stability and prosperity.

Contact us today and receive a telephone consultation. Nobody thinks that his or her marriage will end in divorce, but being prepared for the occurrence of the unfortunate event of a divorce happening is a sound decision. Let our attorneys give you the ability to rest assured that if a divorce happens, you are covered.

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