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, The Catholic Church: New Initiative for Annulments

The Catholic Church: New Initiative for Annulments

One of the most basic tenets in Catholicism is the sacrament of marriage. In order for a marriage to be valid in the eyes of God, an authorized priest or deacon must marry Catholics...

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Radio Interview – Business Leader Spotlight

Welcome to the Business Leader Spotlight Show I want to welcome everyone to the Business Leader Spotlight Show. This is Randy Van Ittersum your host for today. Today we have with us Jessica Ressler,...

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Retainer Agreements: What Are They? Do You Need One?

The term “retainer” is usually heard during discussions involving legal representation, but what is a retainer and why is it needed? A common misconception is that a retainer is a large sum of money...

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What Is Guardianship?

Guardianship Of A Child Guardianship is a legal arrangement that is commonly misunderstood. It can be complicated, and is regularly confused with other legal decisions like custody. Guardianship is when the court appoints a...

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