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What Is A Fact Finding Hearing In A Child Abuse Or Neglect Case?

The fact finding hearing is a trial at which CPS or ACS will try to prove that abuse or neglect have occurred. If ACS or CPS fails to prove at least one of the...

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What Happens After CPS Files A Petition Against Me In Court?

If The Child Has NOT Been Removed From The Home On An Emergency Basis After a report is INDICATED and CPS or ACS files a petition in Court, the Court will set a date...

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What Happens After Administration Of Children’s Services (ACS) Or Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigates?

ACS or CPS will conduct its investigation into the report of abuse or neglect. A report of child abuse or neglect can have two outcomes. The first outcome is that the case can be...

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How Does A Child Abuse Or Neglect Case Begin?

A child abuse or neglect case begins when someone files a report of child abuse or neglect. Neglect and abuse means that the adult responsible for taking care of a child caused emotional or...

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